You saw his performance at the GRAMMYs last week so here’s some footage of Frank Ocean rehearsing for his performance the days leading up to the awards. If you missed his performance of Forrest Gump, watch it here


  • DrBnice


  • Richard Tang

    I tried watching it this morning before school but it crashed… so I tried watching it when I got home only to find its password locked… Do you have to video to upload?

  • chedar93

    how to do you get the fucking password? please.

  • ocean


  • ocean


  • Wain O.
  • Kelvin

    Someone reuploaded it:

  • TheUnbiasedTruth

    I do not want to hear a man singing about another damn man! The academy should create a musical chart specifically for those of you who want to hear this crap! This the absolute nastiest sh$t I have heard in my life-Chasing Forrest Gump. Fu@ked up my memories of a great film!