You watched it live an hour ago and now you can relive the moment. Watch Frank Ocean perform “Forrest Gump” live at the 55th annual GRAMMY awards with the official music video playing in the back drop. Looking for Forrest Gump lyrics, go here.


  • gordo

    you sucked bigtime with forrest gump at the grammy,s sounded like a kid learning to sing.

  • Forrest Gump

    Grammy Jazz Whammy: Ocean’s monotone love song to…yikes… Forrest Gump runs 3:49, while Chick Corea’s Take 5 tribute to Dave Brubeck gets 1:10. Really?!!!! But then, I’m sure we’ll be saluting Ocean’s music for the next 55 years, too. Just not sure how.

  • hi

    SO cool . GO Frank Ocean !!!