Nabil took to his twitter earlier this week to post the message abvove. We can only assume but it looks like the two long time collaborators are back at it again. Nabil most recently worked with Frank Ocean on the Pyramids music video and they just won a UK Music Video award for last years “Novacane”.

  • Just ME

    i REALLY hope it is a video for sweet life or bad religion.

  • Fawwaz M Yusuf

    Please be a video for pink matter.

  • Sherae Renee’

    It’s probably “Lost” as it’s his latest single. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lost, but there are soooooo many other “bangier” bangers on the album! Sigh, but I digress. I love how he sticks with his people. Frank + Nabil = Perfection.

  • keith

    it’s “Super Rich Kids”.


    Don’t they film “Super Rich Kids” next weekend? It might be “Lost”