Alicia Keys graces the cover of Complex Magazines latest issue and in her cover story she revisits the now infamous letter Frank Ocean wrote earlier this year. She briefly spoke on the topic previously but this time she has a bit more to say.

During the drive she talks about music in a soft voice. Alicia’s been listening to Frank Ocean lately. She appreciates his songwriting—he cowrote “One Thing” on her new album—and admires the courage of the open letter he wrote about his sexuality. “That was super brave and I’m so glad that he wrote it,” she says. “He is the voice for so many people. We’re all boxed in to these stupid things that we’re taught is the way we’re supposed to be and it’s so ridiculous. There are so many people that need a champion to assure them that no matter who you are, you are a beautiful person. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re talented or intelligent. Thank God that we have come to this place where we can actually know and be more open to the fact that people come in all different ways. And that’s great because it’s a very boring world otherwise.”

As you read, Complex confirms that Frank cowrote the song “One Thing” on her upcoming album. That explains this photo of the two of them in the studio together.

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