Frank Ocean took the SNL stage for the first time tonight and performed another amazing acoustic rendition of “Thinkin Bout You”. As expected, John Mayer joined Frank by playing the guitar on a stage surrounded by arcades. Watch the video of Frank’s performance below.

  • Richard

    Not sure if it would make a difference but there’s a slightly better quality video of Frank’s SNL performance on vimeo without the watermark.
    For Thinkin Bout You, its
    & for Pyramids, its
    Hope this helped!

  • Richard

    Also, do you think you guys could upload a 320kbps MP3 version of this performance, preferably with as much of the crowd/seth macfarlane intro cut out as possible? Thanks so much for your great work on the website :)

  • Thomas

    Are you gonna post a D/L of this?