The season premiere of SNL is two days away which brings us to our first promo. Frank Ocean joins host Seth MacFarlane and cast member Fred Armisen in the promo for this weekend’s premiere. Check out the promo below and stay tuned for more SNL coverage.

  • Kasper Kyster Iversen

    Where can i get that jersey Frank Ocean has on?

  • Richard

    Is there any way you guys can upload videos of frank from say NBC and stuff to youtube? I’m in Australia and I can’t watch any of them its extremely frustrating.

  • Jorge

    some link for view online? please!!…

  • Ife Sheppy

    I can’t see this video at all from my country (I’m from Trinidad)! Pissing me off actually! Is there some other way for u to upload it?

  • DP

    Sorry, it’s really hard to find a video version that works outside of the USA. If I find one I will include it.

  • Wain O.

    I’d rip it if I was in the US, but alas. Damn you, NBC.