The bad news continues to roll in. After sickness caused him to cancel a show in Detriot and then lose his voice 4 songs into his set in Norway, Frank Ocean has cancelled the remainder of his appearances

This includes festivals in Belgium, United Kingdom and France as well as his set as the opener for Coldplay’s world tour. Frank Ocean posted a statement on Facebook (as seen above) saying:

“Let me start by saying I feel like an asshole right now but a tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next months and the casualties of that decision include my appearances at upcoming festivals in Europe and my opening slot of the European leg of the Coldplay world tour. Sorry as fuck, I’ll be back if you’ll have me.”

Cancelled Tour Dates:
08/12 – Helsinki, FI @ Flow Festival 
08/16- – Kiewit, BE @ Pukkelpop
08/18 – Staffordshire, UK @ V Festival
08/19 – Essex, UK @ V Festival
08/24 – Paris, FR @ Rock en Seine
08/28 – Copenhagen, DK @ Parken Stadium
08/30 – Stockholm, SE @ Olympic Stadium
09/02 – Paris, FR @ Stade de France
09/04 – Cologne, DE @ Rheinenergie Stadium
09/06 – The Hague, NL @ Malieveld
09/07-08 – Isle of Wight, UK @ Bestival
09/12 – Munich, DE @ Red Bull Stadium
09/16 – Prage, CZ @ Slavia Eden Stadium
09/19 – Warsaw, PL @ National Stadium
09/22 – Hannover, DE @ AWD Arena

  • larisa

    fuck you for canceling Pukkepop in Belgium , you we’re the reason i was going ….

  • wut

    Is he seriously sick or just coudn’t/didn’t want to finish his tour? What is going on?

  • DP

    He is honestly sick, has had a cold for over a week now.

  • sverre

    to much weed, or to little weed???

  • cibllyki

    people are so mean you can’t say “fuck you” if he literally cannot sing b/c he’s sick. You could say “please still come and grace us with your presence and maybe bring him some soup or orange juice or your secret remedy for a cold, but you can’t just say “fuck you”….like you havn’t taken a sick day before

  • cibllyki

    artists damage their voices all the time look at Adele and Jordan Sparks they had bleeding vocal chords I believe (nodes are real) so I’m pretty sure he was just focusing on getting better. Its cool if you just wanted him to be there to get a photo or a signature but if the man has no voice because the immune system is down or whatever you can’t say “fuck you” Frank Ocean for being human and catching a cold smh (I mean he’s traveling into all different sorts of environments and time zones and eating different ingredients) it can all be very taxing