Frank Ocean seemingly came out of no where early last year when he dropped nostalgia, ULTRA. Now he’s back and ready to release his full length debut album on July 17;  so what happened in between?

From the release of nostalgia, ULTRA on Feb 18, 2011 and the impending July 17, 2012 release of channel ORANGE, Frank Ocean has kept a low and mysterious profile. Releasing various songs with little or no information on his tumblr, it hasn’t been the easiest of tasks to follow along to all his new music in the past year. 

That’s why today we bring you “The Best of Frank Collection”, a compilation of 24 tracks that includes all the music you need to listen to before channel ORANGE drops. The collection includes music released  by Frank himself,  unreleased songs that have surfaced online (some old, some new) and finally, four recordings of live performances of new music thats likely to be heard on his forthcoming debut

No music from nostalgia, ULTRA was including in this compilation because you can easily just download the full tape yourself. As well, Frank Ocean’s first single “Pyramids” was excluded as it will be on his forthcoming album. We’ve put this together so that new Frank Ocean fans can quickly download nostalgia, ULTRA and then follow that up with this collection so that they’ve got (almost) everything. 

Download: The Best of Frank Ocean Collection (Sharebeast) 
NEW LINK – Dec 2012


  1. Inspiration (Intro) 
  2. 4 Tears
  3. Whip Appeal
  4. Thinkin About You*
  5. Acura Integurl
  6. Voodoo
  7. White*
  8. Made In America (Snippet)*
  9. Oldie (Snippet)*
  10. She (Snippet)*
  11. Back
  12. Dreamkilla
  13. Try 
  14. Dying For Your Love
  15. Rocket Love 
  16. If I’m In Love
  17. Got The Keys
  18. Hardest Thing
  19. Channel Orange in Stores July 17 (Outro)
  20. Disillusioned (Live)
  21. Forrest Gump (Live)
  22. Super Rich Kids (Live)
  23. Miss You (Live Cover)
Note: We greatly encourage fans who liked the linked songs above to purchase them on iTunes and support Frank Ocean all the while getting the full track and high quality versions.