The question I’m sure many Frank Ocean fans are asking themselves is, when can we expect Frank’s debut album to be released?

When it comes to an official announcement, there is no word yet as neither Frank Ocean, Odd Future or Def Jam have confirmed a date. Unofficially though, the word is looking like a late Spring or early Summer released based off the latest news published by SPIN Magazine.

In the March/April issue, SPIN Magazine seems to let go the late Spring date that Frank and his team are aiming for (Kelly Clancy, his manager is interviewed for the piece). This date is also echoed by Tricky Stewart as he told Complex Magazine that a Summer release is likely. Add on the fact Frank Ocean is set to play at Coachella, play multiple other Festivals and tour with Cold Play this Summer, all indications seem to be that they are readying to release the album in the late Spring time frame so that Frank has plenty of material to perform and a platform to promote his new music.

Here is the excerpt from SPIN Magazine, which also seems to confirm Frank Ocean’s appearance on Kanye West’s upcoming G.O.O.D. Music Compilation.

Def Jam will release the follow-up to nostalgia, ULTRA. late this spring, as well as Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music compilation album, which features Ocean.

Asked last night on his tumblr when his “next project?” is coming, Frank Ocean responded “soon as fuck”.  

Stay tuned for more details!