Frank Ocean has, for the most part, played himself as a mysterious character. i-D Magazine has post a brief bio detailing Frank Ocean as an “essentials guide” for new and current fans. Here’s 9 facts about Frank you probably didn’t know (kudos if you do). You can read the rest of the article on the i-D website.

  1. Frank Ocean is actually called Christopher Breaux.
  2. Frank Ocean has one brother and one sister.
  3. Frank Ocean’s hero is his mother.
  4. Frank Ocean’s ultimate artist to write a song for him to sing, would be Celine Dion.
  5. The best piece of advice Frank Ocean has ever been given is ‘Pay your taxes’.
  6. Frank Ocean is currently not in love.
  7. Frank Ocean’s favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption.
  8. Frank Ocean is closest with Hodgy and Tyler from his OFWGKTA crew.
  9. Frank Ocean is a perfectionist.
  • ofwgkta bibliog.

    is this article featured in physical copy of i-D magazine as well? or is it just an internet release?

  • DP

    I believe this was a digital only feature. They don’t mention anywhere that its in their current issue.